Defending Transportation Companies

Trucking is one of the most important American industries. Tractor-trailers criss-cross this country every day, hauling raw materials and finished goods from one state to another and keeping our economy going.They employ hardworking citizens who comprise the backbone of America.

Many Kentucky businesses rely on trucks and other large vehicles to transport materials. When transportation companies and their insurers face risks and litigation, many of them turn to the Bowling Green law firm of Harlin Parker for vigorous and responsive defense.

A Transportation Industry Defense Lawyer For Over 25 Years

Attorney Marc A. Lovell is highly experienced in transportation industry defense. Since 1991, he has defended trucking companies against personal injury, workers’ compensation and similar legal claims. Marc does not wait until a lawsuit has been filed to begin providing effective representation. He leads the firm’s Emergency Rapid Response Defense Team, a unit that responds to client emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Marc is highly involved in the transportation community as a member of the Trucking Industry Defense Association and the ALFA International Transportation Practice Group.

Marc has litigated numerous cases in Kentucky at both the state and federal levels, and regularly handles appeals. He is prepared to assist transportation companies make a compelling case in court. The transportation industry is highly regulated, but Marc stays up-to-date on the law and is prepared to handle any legal dispute. He also handles litigation involving electric utility cooperatives.

Attorney Justin Duncan also provides vigorous, experienced defense to the transportation industry. Both Marc and Justin take advantage of Harlin Parker’s institutional experience which stretches back to 1906.

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To discuss transportation litigation defense with Marc or Justin, please call Harlin Parker at 270-842-5611. They can also be reached via email by visiting out Contact page.