Real Estate Transactions Made Easy

Real estate transactions typically involve huge amounts of money and debt. For many individuals and businesses, buying and selling real estate could be the largest deal they ever go through. With your finances and your ability to enjoy your property at stake, it only makes sense to retain an experienced lawyer to represent you during a transaction.

We are the law firm of Harlin Parker. Located in Bowling Green, we have been serving individuals and businesses throughout South Central Kentucky for more than 110 years. Attorneys Mark D. Alcott and Robert C. Chaudoin will make sure that you are legally protected during your next real estate purchase or sale.

Take The Legal Risk Out Of Your Real Estate Deals

As anyone who has ever bought or sold residential or commercial real estate knows, the transaction typically involves a huge amount of paperwork, including key documents like the purchase agreement. Without either party realizing it, without a real estate lawyer’s help it is possible to allow an error to make it into the documents. Such a mistake can later arise, such as when you later try to sell the property, and call your ownership rights into question.

To ensure that the real estate transactions that you or your business participates in go smoothly, contact Harlin Parker. Mark and Robert have each handled hundreds of transactions of all sizes. They represent buyers and sellers of both residential and commercial properties. There is virtually no complication in real estate law they are not familiar with, and they know where to look for potential problems in the documentation.

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