Make Sure Your Family Is Protected

Though it can be an uncomfortable topic, estate planning is the smart move for virtually all adults in Kentucky — especially if you are married, have children relying on you or both.

The Bowling Green law firm of Harlin Parker has been representing clients throughout Kentucky since 1906. Attorney Mark D. Alcott has more than 25 years of experience in estate planning. He will help you establish an estate plan that meets your particular needs and will provide for your family.

Why You Need An Estate Plan

To decide for yourself who will receive your valuables after you are gone, it is necessary to draft and execute a valid will. For many people, wills are sufficient. But for those with substantial assets, a trust can help them minimize the impact of estate taxes. Trusts can also be very helpful in certain situations, such as if you have a child with physical or mental disabilities.

In addition, many estate planning documents can help protect you during your lifetime. You have the power to designate a power of attorney to act in your best interests if you are ever incapacitated. You can also plan in advance for possible future medical decisions using a living will.

Mark will explain these and other estate planning tools to you honestly and in plain English, so you will be well prepared to make decisions about what your estate plan will look like. Next, he will draft the documents according to your specifications, and ensure that they are properly executed.

Mark is also available to assist you with estate administration.

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